Daily Specials
Daily Specials
Quiche of the Day for August 15
Homemade, deep dish, unique ingredients, local eggs and cream.  Served with toast from local bakeries, fresh fruit, or lemon dijon dressed greens.
  Artichoke, roasted tomato,spinach,fontina and jack 
Daily Soups for August 15
Our soups are always homemade from scratch using the finest ingredients from our own unique recipes.  We serve our famous cold soups and chilis seasonally. (v)--vegetarian  (gf)--gluten free
  Cold Creamy Cucumber (v) (gf) 
  Wild Mushroom Wild Rice (v) 
Weekday Specials (Tues-Fri) August 14-17
Try one of this week's delicious specials.  We change our specials each week along with daily soups and weekend brunch specials.
  BBQ Chicken Pasta Salad   9.00
 Grilled chicken, rotini pasta, roasted roma tomatoes, green bell pepper, red onion, fresh cilantro are tossed in our homemade creamy BBQ chipotle dressing.  
   Shrimp & Dried Cherry Salad   13.00
 Mixed greens, dried sweet cherries, grape tomatoes, Bel Gioioso mozzarella, blood and cara cara oranges, and homemade candied pecans are all tossed together with aged balsamic.  It is then topped off with seasoned boiled shrimp.  Mouthwatering!  
  Ham & House Boursin Panini   11.00
 Juicy pit ham, lemon dijon dressed Big City Greens pea shoots and fresh arugula, and house made herbed boursin on Troubadour Bakery sourdough bread grilled to crispy perfection.  Served with potato chips.